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The Holy Bible Mission
Workers Prayer
Rev. LeRoy Brugonone
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The Lord is my shepard
When I come, I come not with excellence of speech 
or of mans wisdom.
Declaring unto you the Testimony of God.
I come with demonstration and Power. 
Try the Spirit  And see if it be of God. 

I welcome you to our web sight, I would like to give you my testimony. How great and personal God can communicate with his children. Do you want a vision of God ? Have you longed for some significant meeting with God, that would leave no doubt as to its authenticity. Have you not sometimes wished that God would touch your life and banish all your inadequacies  and futility?  God can. My name is  Rev. LeRoy Brugonone Retired Evangelist and Pastor born Oct. 26, 1924 This year 2009 I’ll be eighty five years young. I would like to say. Experience is the Best Teacher.

An update today is 6/14/09


Rev, LeRoy Brugonone
There will not be any intended exaggerations or false statements to the best of my knowledge; The truth will set us free, and free we will be.
 When we overstep our bounds of truth.  God is God, He needs no help from mortal beings  as to a standard of what is right and good.   De 32:4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: A God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is He.
1-A brief summery of the retirement.
2-life as a child in Evangelistic work.
3-The life of Grandparents and Parents.
4- The extradinary talk to God Vocially.
5- the Beginning of my Ministry

 In 1991 The Holy Bible Mission Church
Called for board Meeting to discuss my Retirement.
A brief summery  of the conditions prevailing.


Evely Brugonone

My wife Evelyn was ill, and needed rest  from all of her duties.  She has been  by my side in the  Ministry  for Thirty Eight Years. We  were married forty nine years, almost fifty. She was the most Faithful, thoughtful, and God fearing,  Mother, and Wife,  that one could have had.. Her position in the Church. was, Sunday School Teacher, Our Organist, and Social Director. It was hard to give up the Church and Ministry, but considering her age and
mine we both realized it was time to retire. Up to
this time we did not have a vacation. We were in Church every Service.
 She passed away in October 15th 1995. She and I retired in 1991, She was Diagnose with lupus in 1985 and given a short time to live, we  decided to travel and enjoy seeing all that God created. And it was good.

Dr Rev. J R Brugonone

A little history of the Brugonone

  My Father Dr. Rev. .J .R. Brugonone, and my Mother were  traveling Evangelist. I have two brothers and three sisters, one has passed  away.  My Father and Mother established Churches in Ky. Tenn. Ga. Fla. He pastured  the Holy Bible Mission Church in Kissimmee Fla. and Daytona
Beach Fla. for many years. My father passed away 1979 age of 88, mother in 1980 age 83.
As for me although retired, I am Still on fire for our Lord Jesus, as I see a need to assist our brothers and sisters more than ever, In ever way possible, by Prayer, Healing, alleging and aligning the word, to prove  God is alive and well,  Praise the Lord.

   I know  the Lord will help  give me  the  ability to give my testimony regarding my life experiences. I am not a writer, this is new to me, but  I am  planning  to  record  events  that will be of interest not only for a story, but an inspiration to others.
My Grandfather and Grandmother
Was devout Evangelist

My Grandfather and Grandmother (Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Brown) Pastor and Traveling Evangelist, Traveled through, Kentucky, Tenn. Ohio, N. and S. Carolina  Ga. later Fla. They were well known  in  1885 through 1930. I praise  God for their Ministry. Many souls  were saved by their efforts. Not to mention the impact it had on my life. They will  be remembered as two
devoted workers for God, I have never known the faith that they had from any other, they seem to have phenomenal miracles in every service. We as children grew older most of our lives since traveling, was living in Kissimmee, Dad had built a Church on the South West side of town. Each spring we would travel  north in our house car (will explain later)

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Mother, Mary holding LeRoy Sr and sister Josephine.

The Churches he sponsored in the northern states, holding revivals a month at a time in each place.
It was a wonderful time for us children as we were united with those
friends from the year passed. Central City Ky. was our favorite, Grandpa, and Grandma lived there, they treated us like gold. Aunts and Uncles and
Cousins settled there. The revivals there was wonderful. Then in the fall we started our trip back south.
The things I remember most is traveling in the House Car that my dad built in 1930, today we call them Motor Homes. In those days there was no trailer parks as there are today. When the evening came and it was time to set up camp, we would find a farm with plenty of pasturage and ask for permission to stay the night. The farmers always said ok, I remember them saying " Just leave the cattle alone," for that land belongs to them.

Back there in the1930 and 1940
Things were different.
The farmers was curious, My dad had  a sign on the door of the house car which read.  The Holy Bible  Mission workers. Go into all the world and preach the gospel. This always brought communication between every one we met. In similarity we were like the gypsies except we were alone, not as a group, but as missionaries. They would talk about religion, beliefs  etc., after seeing our family in the house car, most of the time the farmer would bring us milk, buttermilk, eggs, chicken, vegetables. Dad being a preacher did have some advantages. I’m sure they wondered how all of us fit in such a small space, but to me, at my age I thought it was big, I mean really big. Actually we couldn’t move about, because mom would have to place kindling wood in the stove to cook, I’ll never  forget that old pot belly stove with its chimney pipe running up through the roof of the house car it must have been a sight to behold.
 The problem, it was dangerous, we could be burned if we moved around to much. As siblings nothing bothered us, we were content as thing were. At first there was Josephine, myself Marvin and Eugene, Mom and Dad, six total in that house car. In those days the roads was muddy, gravel, narrow, and dangerous. Mountains had to snake up to the top, another word not straight up but winding side ways up the mountain, winding roads, then  back down.
Over night camping was
Interesting. We never knew  what to
 Many times when we stayed for the night. We would wake up at night in the House car, it would be rocking  and swaying. My dad knew that we was on grazing land, such as cows, pigs, horses etc was there, This night it was pigs, so he would go out and run the hogs away, that was under the House car, scratching their back, grunting and making all kinds of fuss, naturally we would be scared . Felt like it was a earthquake or something. Until we were consoled what was happening.
Often we stayed the night near a railroad, this was really frightening it seemed as we were sleeping the engineer would blow his horn right were we was parked for the night. That scared the tar out of anyone hearing the blast of the steam horn with the  engine puffing and huffing, it sound like it was coming through the house car, Marvin and Eugene slept above me. They were hysterical and screaming  because the sudden shock terrorized them, many times hitting their head on the ceiling causing big bumps on their scalp. There was only three feet of space up there,, and the same space where I slept. It
was tight, Josephine was the lucky one, she slept next to the steering wheel up front. Before long Dad had to lengthen the house car as the family grew.
Freedom at Home at last. The trips was fun
But coming home was the greatest

It was like heaven when we arrived back home from a trip. We could run and play in our Kissimmee yard and home. Actually it felt good to be free, yes free indeed. Small as we were, we was learning a great and wonderful things about life itself. We learned about poverty, middle class, and riches, we have lived all three classes. I would not exchange it for all the gold in the world. These memories are most precious to me. For I regret nothing. Life is life and a person can
make it good or have regrets.

 When traveling no location
Mattered  in order
to spread the gospel
Where there was no Church, the services were held on the street corner, or a vacant lot, sometimes a bush harbor, and In those days people seemed to be hungry for the  word of God, We were in a way exploited, as we were asked over and over to sing gospel songs, quote   scriptures , Not bragging, we  were good at it. As we were taught to memorize songs. Bible quotes, and to sang in the spirit, and to give praise to our Heavenly Father. My Mother  taught us   Reading, Arithmetic  and History. We were not neglected in education.
Not sure of the dates but in 1930 or 1935 on our return home, we found our Home and Church burned to the ground, all our belongings were gone.
Thank God we still had our house car, with no Home to live in, we still had a roof over our heads. From there we moved to Daytona Beach Fla. Bought property and built another Home
and Church.
Mother and Dad made up their mind to have us, Children, go to a Public School. Mother’s teaching gave us a good start .You have never seen frightened children until you see those that never set foot in a public school the first time. I was given a test and graded and went to the fifth grade
 From there on to Hi School. In my teens I worked and went to school. Many things happened during this period. My brothers and sisters  soon learned the way other’s lived. We had no experience in school activities etc. We were fast learners, in no time we caught up. with the other students.
As youngsters we were finding out
What it meant (Dog eat dog)

In my teens I had a paper route, sold new papers on the corner of Beach St. and Volusia Ave. most of the time we had to fight
for a position  to sell the daily News, because the tourist gave big tips for a paper while they ate breakfast there at the Walgreen drug store. I did yard work for the neighbors, later I applied for a job at the Daytona Beach News Journal, a publication of daily news, was hired,
and placed in the printing department as a type corrector and had other duties in the press room. This was good for me , I learned what life was really about, work. My parents taught me that I was to earn my way in this life, I had to pay for my room and board, clothes, etc
By the time I paid my bills I only had a few bucks for myself. I  needed transportation to go to work and back home. I found
a beautiful bike at the hardware store, I did not have cash to buy it, I was trying to get credit, but,
My father refused to cosign, He was strict. I learned quickly how to negotiate with the merchant and had the satisfaction of being able to buy the bike. And all the things I needed. As a teen, a young man, I felt I had it all.
During the second world war I decided to join the Marines, I did
not want to stay home, So I exaggerated about my age and enlisted. Knowing I shouldn’t lie, God forbid, I did, and was accepted and Sent to Camp Lajune North Carolina went to Boot camp,
then over seas, in the South Pacific on the island of America Soma, served my time  and was sent back to the states to a Convalescent Hospital in Sun Valley Idaho. Received my Honorable Medical Discharge and went Home. After three or four months home I began to have some problems, I found home was not home anymore. Things had changed. I was to leave my roost as one would say. Rented an apartment, and later,  met and married my wife. Evelyn Harthorne. I knew Evelyn from a very young age. Let me explain.

 Our Ages 2 to  10 
Here is the story


Ida,Eugene,Marvin, LeRoy.

My parents met them in Bainbridge Ga. The Hawthorne family were attending, Our Church Service there in Bainbridge, Ga. When we moved to Daytona Beach, Fla. and built a New Church, their Family of Eight followed. This family consist of seven daughters  and one son, Ten in all. we played together, fussed and screamed and argued a lot. In our early teens I had a lot of dates with the girls. going to birthday parties, school activities. etc. nothing serious.
 As I said earlier I joined the service and came back home to Daytona.

A Girl Meets Boy Episode
While in the service I seemed to have forgotten the girls, almost five or more years passed. While I was working, and on lunch break, I happen to see this cute petite girl walking by. I thought I recognize her, not sure, approached and asked. It was the youngest of the girls. From that day on we dated regularly. She worked for the Bell Telephone. We decided to marry, and make a home for ourselves Which we did, and it was a wonderful thing. Our marriage story is a book by itself.
We lived in Daytona for years, Had two sons, My wife was transferred to Bainbridge, Ga. Later
transferred to Savannah, Ga. Then she was promoted to Chief Operator  and sent to Vidalia, Ga. after years we decided to move to Orlando, Fl.  It was easy for me to transfer as I worked with a National Merchandise Co.
Before long in Orlando, I realized I was in trouble, by not paying attention to the children as a parent, nor as a family man. Worst of all ignoring that my wife was ill with migraine headaches Etc. To cut it short not living the life I was raised to be.
One day my wife came to me and said she was tired of the life I was living, and needed a divorce if things did not change. That is when I woke up to reality. For I did love my wife and family. so I began to look at things differently. Recalling how dedicated my Mother and Father was toward us, and God. Some would say a wonderful Christian family, They were. They kept the faith right up to the end. God bless them. I realize I had a lot to catch up on. I had a problem I Thought I was a Christian, being raised in a Christian environment, singing specials in Churches, in tent meetings, Bush harbors.
I knew I did work for the Lord, with my parents in my youth. I learned better, as I grew older, things did not work as I thought. The truth Is, I was wrong. I was not Living the life. I was to talk and walk the life instead of relying on my parents religious activities that I participated in.
This is where many make their mistakes. We have to commit ourselves to the living God. Obeying his commandments. Keeping His words in our minds at all times. I accepted this, Praise God.

A few weeks passed, one evening my wife was dressing to go somewhere, So I asked. She said there is a revival going on across town and I begin 
to think, this is a good time to show her I mean business,) I asked if I could go with her,
Naturally she couldn’t refuse that! So I did go, and I got the shock of my life. Here was an Evangelist  in a large  tent, holding thousands of people. Preaching the Gospel of God and Prophesying, and healing the sick.


Tent Revival,  Orlando, Fla.

 My parents always prayed for the sick, and there was many healed, but this man was calling people out of the pews and telling them what was wrong with them, and calling on God to immediately heal them.
I was amazed. And Something got a hold of me. I saw the sincerity and the love of  God's movement from one to another.
Bouncing around the whole place. The Spirit was leaping up and down our spines. One person had a goiter on his throat, almost as large as a cantaloupe. The Evangelist asked if there was any disbelievers, and if so please come up and examine for your selves and see if this man needs healing. Come on. and see for themselves I was a believer, but I had to see for
 myself. Sure enough I was one of the first to go, several followed. He said the prayer of faith, and like a balloon it withered, popped and was gone. That convinced me God was at work in his services. Sometimes we do have to see. And seeing is believing.
It was proven it was not a trick, or magic, or illusion, it happened. God healing power was there.
We went to those services practically every chance we could. My wife had been to her doctor and he found some kind of growth in her stomach possibly cancerous, He showed her the X-rays and made an appointment for the operation to have it removed. In the mean time we still was going to the revival.
A person could not go to him and ask for their healing, He must be led to that person by the Holy Ghost (Spirit) Then He would tell them what is wrong, and pray the prayer of faith, and they were healed, This was proven to the skeptics, who was there to find anything, to prove him to be a faker. Praise God He had the blood of Jesus, running through his veins, as the Holy Spirit was directing him, to different people. Oh, Lord, if only I could see more of this marvelous anointing every hour of the day.
The doubters and disbelievers followed the people that received their healing, and found something happen to those people. It was true, they were healed, and they had to acknowledge their findings. Praise his Holy Name.
This brought faith to us in an enormous way, My wife needed healing, I needed healing for ulcers, wife needed it for the growth in her stomach, So we prayed, and prayed for God to send him to us for our healing. Each time he would leave the pulpit and come toward us, my heart would pound, and thump like a drum. The thrill and excitement of believing God was answering our prayers. Truly we were praying deep and sincere prayers. We knew Our Lord could not refuse us. For my wife and I knew that God was with us during this revival. For we felt every spiritual movement, and discerning when the Spirit moved, and what direction it was going. It was Out of this world, so to speak. We were blessed over, and over again. God anointing was poured all over us, we waited. 
Then he came to our row, looked at my wife, and ask her to follow him to the platform. Naturally I wasn’t giving up. I was there all the way. He led us up on the platform overlooking thousand of people. All I remember is - He stretched his arms out toward my wife, I immediately grabbed her arm, so as to receive the power that was released from her to me (I needed healing also)
 He  stopped and withdrew his arm and looked at me. Astonished, I looked at him, then the sound of the enormous multitude of people, standing up, They thought I was grabbing my wife to exit the revival! Not so.
The evangelist seemed to stare at me with loving Compassion. The Evangelist  said, he saw a vision of a hammer over my head, and said, "I know all about you, you have fought all your life you are like doubting Thomas" To prove his point he revealed things, in a whisper to my ear. Again the spirit was like fire in my veins goose bumps all over my body as he revealed my sins, one by one. God knows. I felt no one knew except me. He predicted my life would change, not tomorrow, nor next day, but now, this moment, and it did.
I became that new creature, the old has passed, I threw my cigarettes down, never to touch them again, no more liquor, no more bars, no more running around, as the bible says.
(Behold all thing became new.) He prayed for my wife, she was healed instantly.  She went back to the Doctor, told him she was sure God had removed the growth, He said," we will see" had another X ray, the growth was gone, Hallelujah. As for me, My faith grew, in  mind, spirit and soul. He did not pray or mention my condition at all, my ulcers was still there.
I often wondered why I was not healed In  his services.  Later it was apparent. God moved into my life like a Whirling Wind lifting my spirit beyond myself .
The beginning of my ministry
I realized from the beginning I had
Things I must do.

I know God was testing my faith. Of course I did not know then, but after the revival I recalled witnessing the power of God by obeying what my Brother in Christ  asked for. He needed finances to pay his bills, that was needed so badly,  he ask God to give back every person double the amount they gave, the next day. I had only two five dollars bills. I needed gas for my activities. to me there was no way for this to happen. I'll admit it was scary, my wife was as broke as I was, it would be days before payday the spirit keep nagging me to give. After one hesitation after the another I gave in. I knew if it didn't happen I'm in trouble. The next day I  looked at the gas gage, almost empty. my appointment was in Winter Park, I was praying that I would be there and back home before running out of gas. My unwavering spirit was moved, when I spotted a piece of paper in a small whirl wind flopping around in the street at a stop light. As I looked. The Lord spoke and said go. it's your blessing. I got out of my car and started to run for it. But there was another man running beside me. Don't ask me how, but I outrun him, picked it up. It was a twenty dollar bill... Praise God. A MIRACLE.
God’s moment had come
Through Pain

One work day I was traveling from Orlando to Melbourne Fla. I was working for the merchandise Co. I got up early had breakfast, placed my book work on the seat next to me, started the car, drove east on 50, turned of on Rt. 5 20. My ulcers began to ache and pain something awful.
I forgot my medicine, I was several miles from the bee line, the road was rough, I was all most at the St John River, when the worst pain I have ever had almost bowed me over. I was praying for it to stop. As I was getting sick and about to Throw up. When all of a sudden I hear this audible voice, it was speaking clearly, Confused, and astonished, I thought of everything, even as to loosing my mind. I do not know if someone else could have heard God speaking to me, But it was distinct, no doubt it was audible. I kept on driving, again the pain struck with such coruscating force.

I stopped the car and was about to turn back,  The voice again said. " If you say the prayer of faith, I will heal you! " The radio was off, I felt dazed, except for this phenomenal experience and pain. My mind was thinking rationally, I know I had no drugs, drink, no fever, 
At that moment I wondered exactly the meaning Prayer of Faith,  so I prayed, but it seemed the pain grew worse. That voice said the same thing, but adding another sentence. If you pray the prayer of faith, and do my work I will heal you, The pain struck harder than ever. I screamed out loud, saying "I will Lord, I will."
 The voice said. "Stop at the Dairy Queen in Cocoa Fla. buy a milk shake, drink it and you will be healed." I stomped the exhilarator to the floor board, going way over one hundred miles an hour approaching the bridge and the rise of the bridge, of St John River. I did not touch the
other end of that old wooden bridge. If a patrolman saw me, he would have given me a ticket, and put me under the jail.
I found the Dairy Queen, bought and swallowed the milk shake in one gulp, I was healed of the ulcer From that day until now, October 2007

Praise God! I didn’t finish my work day, I rushed back home to tell my wife what happened she said, " Since God has revealed himself, it is time for you to obey " I said Evelyn, I do not know how to start, there are too many obstacles at the present time. We have bills to pay, we need both of our checks to survive. I cannot figure a way to do this. So we prayed and prayed, where was the prayer of faith? We knew the children was going
 to school, We had just bought a house that needed repair immediately, and being so far out of town, No close neighbors, and for me leaving them there, without a man around could be dangerous. That was the question. I knew exactly what the Lord desired of me. Then things began to be revealed. God’s perfect plan was already started There was a young  lady  who  was staying with us at the time, her 
name was Brenda. My wife and I excepted her as a daughter, she and my wife worked at the same Telephone Co. In Vidalia Ga. & here in Orlando. That was some consolation. My wife was Chief operator in Vidalia, Ga. When we moved, she transferred to be with us here in Orlando, Fl. I believe firmly, God placed us together, as she was sincere and dedicated.
I believing God was at work. As she did love our family, and she was loved by us, a true relationship!
 We prayed and prayed asking the Lord to give us insight. My wife and I had dreams at night. When we compared them together We would have identical dreams and of course we knew they were spiritual dreams and considered, and acted accordingly. God was pointing the way. I praise God for A wife who God could work through to assist in our spiritual life

Knowing that the Lord had me to Evangelize, I knew I Would need equipment to travel. The  Lord led me to Plant City, There was a Minister there that had  a large tent , forty by sixty feet long, almost new, gave me a good price, the only thing missing was the two center poles. that did not bother me, I knew somehow I would find the poles, somewhere.


Evanglist LeRoy Brugonone

Made a special trip and brought the tent here in Orlando, Everything was working,
We prayed for more guidance, and the Lord gave a vision, how, and when, was up to God. That week I needed the
poles, Chairs, Organ, and a Pulpit. There was no one to help, but I was able to find everything
I needed, Except a truck, I was praying and thinking at the same time, Then I recalled seeing a truck in Daytona sitting in back of the Grapette Cola Co. I inquired. It so happen Bob Mcfall my brother in law was the manager of the Co. The truck was stripped down, I asked about it. Said it is an old truck it needs a cargo bed, it runs good so take it, And
see if it will do, He says you can  pay later.
Now I had practically everything. The lord furnished the cargo bed. Someone said you need a P.A. system. Found a nice one on Colonial Drive. ( Rt. 50 ) at the music Mart
The real test was yet to come, The Lord has furnished everything, I thought. But, I was petrified, I had all the material things ready, but myself. My wife and I prayed. We came to the conclusion The only way I can be ready was to fast and Pray.
Found a Motel, a few miles from home rented it for a week, I went in locked the door, closed the windows, and began to pray, fasted stay and staff. (no food or water)
On the fifth day I thought I was dying, I was able to continue through prayer the six day, I wasn’t feeling much of anything. Saturday morning I got up early, opened the door, took a deep breath and called my wife to come and get me...I had loss many pounds. But my spirit was high.
I thought everything was perfect, I drank a little water, had soup in very small portions etc.  again 
I felt fine. My wife told me to lie down while she goes to the store. Stubborn me, I argued and said I’m OK, God will take care of me and went with her. half way there, I felt a little dizzy, 
when I got out of the car my legs gave way. Was forced back home. drank fluids, a day or so
 I felt stronger. Had vision and dreams of the future. I prayed and asked the Lord for my next step. He did, I found a vacant lot on Colonial Dr. it stood out above all the other location only a few block from my house, the owner was glad to help, knowing it was my first Service, He gave me a long heavy duty  extension cord, and furnished the electricity at no charge.
I still have that electric cord today. God bless him. I needed that extension cord many times for our future Revivals. This Brother in Christ had an open vegetable stand. He and my sons took the task of erecting the tent. We were not sure of ourselves but we managed to erect it, and that was good. The final touch was to secure it to stand the weather.
On the evening of my first service, Approximately. two hours before time. A car drove up. A woman and a man got out, all of a sudden, the woman actually screamed out, and said " That’s the man, That’s the man." The truth of it she gave me a shock with goose bumps, chills, She scared me.
Every thing run through my mind, I was wondering who she mistook me for, for I knew I didn’t do anything. When things calmed down Later we found out who she was, and their life of serving the Lord.
They were living here in Orlando. It was Bro. And Sister Galloway. Then they explained She had a vision of me, and was told to look for me, she and her husband drove all over Orlando searching and looking. Wondering where the Lord was leading them, at last they found the tent  location and the man they was looking for, ME. Her husband happen to be a song leader, and she an Organ player. The Lord told them they were to assist me in my services.


Sister Galloway
She immediately went to the Organ and began to play. It was quite evident That God was placing things together without my knowledge or intervention. It was a miracle, His voice and music was  wonderful and that convinced me they were sent
from God himself. God Mysteriously opened the service when the first note was played on the Organ. People was coming in before time. It was amazing It
 Seemed like the Spirit Of God had entered and the service begin.
That Evening service Every one in that tent felt the Holy Spirit hovering. The song service was absolutely the best, God was in our mist, My message was only five or ten minutes, Twenty souls were saved in that one service. Only God could do that. We all was astonished it was unbelievable yet we witnessed God’s handy work.
There were forty people the first night. And without any fanfare or advertisement. The congregation quickly grew.
Before the week was over the Lord had another family come forward and said the Lord spoke to them saying "Be ready to travel and Evangelize." There was visions, dreams, prophecy, given that did come true. I have lived to see the prophesies come to pass. Our first Revival in Orlando Lasted four weeks.
The time came for us to move on, We Prayed asking God to give us directions.
Our organist who knew nothing about traveling, saw in a vision, a name Enterprise on a city sign, Enterprise, where? We continued praying, several saw Alabama, When all had agreed. We knew the Town and State. But when? After much praying and discussing we decided we would hold Revivals on our way there.
Valdosta, Ga. came to mind, made plans to travel there, took the tent down, loaded the equipment Chairs, Pulpit. etc, in the truck, Leaving my wife, two children and Brenda here in Orlando with their blessing. God had given us peace of mind for what we were doing. Praise God!
We found a large lot next to the Pepsi cola Co. in Valdosta, Ga. We erected the tent for the second time put every thing in place and started the Revival the next weekend. No advertisement just a sign on the street.
The first night, only hand full of people, had some local church members help getting the word out, there was a Revival in Town, For the first service it was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the song service and the message. And seeing visible instant healing, brought results The next night thirty, after that it was a full house, the tent was running over,
more chairs had to be brought in, souls being saved, Demons cast out, Instant healing.
One particular night, a woman came to the alter to
be saved, A sweet looking elder lady who was obviously ill or seemed to be in distress, As I began to pray, a voice from her inner soul spoke with a low harsh voice, and said " Leave me alone, you can’t save me" She had a demon spirit.  For a moment I was speechless. It was my first encounter with a demon spirit. Then the scripture came to mind, I said" In the name of Jesus come out, you foul spirit" The woman fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth, looked like she was having a
epilepsy fit, She managed to get up, and started all over with a louder grumbling, growling voice. " Leave me alone, I will not come out" Pointing my finger at her  " demanded in  the name of Jesus, for that foul spirit to come out.She falls to the ground. again,  All of a sudden out of her 
mouth came a slimy green frog with horns on it head.  I immediately  ask everyone to pray.  For I knew that foul spirit was looking for anyone weak in spirit to enter in.
Thank you Lord, It hopped, then ran under the Tent skirt and disappeared. Many souls were saved that night. God Bless everyone that believeth. For God is true.

Valdosta was segregated town,
I had to cope with this one way,
Or other.

Our congregation was split in half, one side of the tent was black people, on the other side was white. When the call to greet one another in Christian Love. Some blacks did greet the white, and vise versa, then back to their seats. Some seemed to be scared to me, a Tent Revival is no place for Scared or Insecure people.
Realizing there was something that was needed for Christian Love to be activated, and show love for one another, that is, ‘ the true love of God.’ I made up my mind to preach Love, Every night until I saw the differences.
After that I could see the worshippers come into the tent and sit where ever there was a seat. This Pleased me, and, and the Lord. Act. 10:34 "God is no respected of person" There was
a few that discontinue our services, but for every one that left, five took their place. God is so wonderful. Give him the Glory and things will be done. Noticeable changes within twenty- four hours was a welcome sight.
There was instant healing for those that proved obedience. Our revival lasted week after week for a month and a half. It was one of the greatest Spiritual, Holy Ghost filled Revivals I have ever seen.

The Lord gave me a vision that every soul in the tent would fall out in the spirit and see what
heaven was like. I was worried to reveal this vision for I felt something could go wrong. After fasting and praying, the Spirit strengthen my assurance, I needed a confirmation, The Bible says "To prove all things" was the life of this Revival,So while praying a few days later our organist
cried out, excitedly, I see an Angel. We all saw where she was pointing and immediately cast our eyes toward the pulpit, some saw the angel, I saw the back of the flowing gown disappear behind the platform. I knew then, I had to prophesy that the heavenly visit would take place in our next service, It did. It was like a mighty rushing wind, a sweet cooling, yet fiery, and powerful power engulfing the very ground we were sitting and standing on. looked over the congregation I could
see  bright colored halo’s around their heads   I prayed, and had to put my full trust in  God
For this miracle to take place. It happened. The glory of God shown all around us.  ( A vision of Heaven and its glory) Without Hesitation I obeyed The Spirit.

In that service I stretching forth my arms and pointing my finger in every direction, they were falling  out in the spirit. That service lasted until two AM. This Service started at 7 PM . Only
a couple left before time.
There was a few that would not come out of the Spirit because of the heavenly sight they were seeing. Those that came out of the spirit testified of their visit in Heaven. Tears of Joy mingled with astonishment for what they saw, sights that was not of this world.
The next day she gave me a  letter she had written late that night. I would like  to read it. She was in her teens, very young, sixteen or eighteen, and intelligent and bright.


In a little tent meeting I went
to the alter to pray.
I knew God’s power was working,
and He would work on me,
if I let him have his way
So I lifted my hands to praise him
and I knew the power when it fell
cause God gave me a vision through a
black transparent veil.
I had a vision, more wonderful than
I’ll ever understand.
a vision of heaven, a peaceful place
not made by human hands.
There was a garden of tulips, fill with
beauty  beyond compare
And oh it was wonderful to see  Jesus
standing there,
He was clothed in robes and how
graceful did he stand,
This wonderful graceful spirit, who at
one time had been human man,
A vision of heaven, just a glimpse
beyond the heaven gates
Oh this power that brought me running
before he said "to late"
Yes I had a vision of peace and
the heavenly land,
and I’m waiting for his coming
and to hear the heavenly band.

Our experience there was astonishing Things were happening so fast, visions,
dreams, prophesies revealed with in days , coming with precision, and reality. This brighten  our spirit to the height no one could explain,, God was real, God was there, truly leading us like he did  the Israelites. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, supreme, and a might God, " Praise his Holy Name".
This Revival was my second, There was so many thing that happen, One would think I was a seasoned Evangelist. Not so.! I believe to this day I could not have survived on my own, It seemed that everyone I met, was willing to assist me in every possible way.
I was asked to start a Church In Valdosta. The Lord revealed
I was to continue for one year in Evangelistic  Work.
I was told by many  to start a Church in Valdosta.  I did not know what to do, I was pulled one way and another. All I did was to put it into the hands of God, being led by the Spirit, Praying, fasting, day and night, As often as I could. looking for a clear understanding of God’s will. When
that came we traveled to our next Revival.
I have many wonderful things the Lord has performed by different ministers. God is  absolutely  with us, when we go to the depth and heights of his word, all things are possible. I guess I could say nothing is impossible. There is one thing I know, and that is we are to pray for one  another, praying for ourselves is ok, but the truth is, sometimes we are selfish and need to be surrounded by believing brothers and sisters in Christ . In order to keep in tune with the spirit being activated for those that are new in the faith. I have prayed many prayers for others, I need the prayers of gifted prayer warriors. That I may be an example of the power of God among his elect. With your prayers I have concurred  many obstacles that Satan has thrown in my path.

Stand steadfast

I placed everything in the hands of God, I learned quickly, not to trust my own understanding material or intellectual. For who can understand the reason of the mind of Christ. The truth of all this, we were to be tested, to see  how much we could endure as faithful Children of God.
I thought nothing could come between our faith. I made statements
I fear no evil, No man or foul spirit could stray me from the power of God, I felt I could not be overpowered by Satan. Let us stop and think for a moment. Job was tested for his faith, He was placed in a dormant existence from God, It did not matter how the devil treated him, God did have one exception and the authority. And said,  One thing to satan," You cannot take his life " God had faith in him, that he would not deny him, even unto death. No one could compare
 them self to the faith of Job.
He was faithful, knowing even though He believed and Prayed, He accepted, and approved what God did or did not do. But after the devil could not destroy his  dedication or faith from him, Job was rewarded double for everything he lost, and above  all, added years to his life.
I would like to go a little further, and say, if a man has not been
tested, and the evil spirit hasn’t tried to discourage his righteousness,
I personally believe the devil has already won the battle, Satan is satisfied, He, Satan, knows how to deceive the very elect, if possible. Continuing our Revivals we decided to go to Waycross , Ga. This was  our third revival. This, then, a  small town, did not receive us as we expected. Most of the Churches
 there was discouraging their congregation not to attend  our service.  Some began their Own Revivals. We immediately realized we were in a Spiritual battle.

Satan first attack placed us
In a defensive Mode.

 We did encounter a satanic incident which no one could forget. One Evening while rehearsing our song service, a man came in our tent, " saying  I am a sinner save me " I looked at the man, I thought maybe he was drunk. My Song leader, Bro. Galloway immediately started to talk to the man, he seemed to be sincere and desired  to be saved.
My brother (the song leader) and his wife began to pray. God spoke to me, and said " Watch and pray" So I stood back from the three of them at the alter. All Had their eyes closed, praying fervently. I was praying, and watching. He opened his eyes and saw me  standing  there  and angrily asked  me, why aren’t you here with  us  praying.   tears was dripping down his face, slobber was flowing from  mouth. This caused a brief spiritual calm for a moment. He then put his arms back around the song leader, saying . " Save me "
When he took his arms from my brother, He was a mess, His suit was ruined, His shirt was
stained from the man’s saliva, But that did not interfere with the thought  of saving a man’s soul. something must be done. His tears was real, his statement sounded real, his love and affection seemed sincere  So they prayed on. All of a sudden things changed.
When the man thought all was right, out came a club, from where it came from, I don’t know. I believed  his intention was to rob us, or worst. I was still watching, I calmly walked over and
 took the club from him, no scuffling, he just gave in, an handed it to me, thank God. He said he was "mad at the dog"
We had a  small dog that was with us, but that was a terrible excuse for his action, I told the man to go home. He was remorseful. It was late in the afternoon, My brother needed to clean up,  and find another suit, for the evening service. Praise the Lord, the devil lost this round. the service that night was wonderful. People was healed from various diseases.
July 20-2002 was the  greatest triumph one could  believe. God’s perfect plan was in the making, I needed someone to assist me, comfort me, through this life’s long struggle. I praise God for his decision that I needed a help mate. And it was so.



                                        On this date July I married a widow of twenty years, I knew her for forty years, she was the wife of Bro. Lee Moore. A Minister who preached in our Church. They were a wonderful couple. We lost contact  many years ago. I truly wasn’t interested in marriage . but I had two sons that were so busy working I hardly saw them. Their wives were the same. Hardly any communication to speak of. God saw my problems and intervened. This 7/20/07 I will be married five years. Fawn has been a tremendous help, God sent, with love and adoration for one another, we both needed someone who cares. She filled the gap in the loss of my first wife. Praise the Lord. The difficulty I was having seemed to flow away, not only do I have two sons, I have two more, A step  daughter and a step son, that treats me like a father.  That within itself makes life worth living all over again. My marriage was  hard for my two sons to accept.
Neither one attended my wedding. Their views were not my ideas of love and respect. I love them both, as I have not, to my knowledge, done  anything, to warrant their behavior. 
It is of comfort having a Christian wife who loves the Lord, prays, gives herself to be there when needed . Again, another miracle in my life. God proves himself by a perfect solution.



God has continued to bless me with miracles He doesn't take away His Gifts of the Spirit, Just slows you down according to his will and age. We are not what we use to be, but when the spirit speaks, we know God has a reason. He (God) will not give you more than you can bear. Acts 15:28. I have had some unexpected Spiritual experiences while visiting churches here in Orlando. Some are proven prophesies given years ago. Those will be programed at a later date. I just received this one a few days ago.

          An E-mail to Bro. Glen               
From Rev LeRoy Brugonone

I’m so blessed with all these testimony that I have received these last few months. I am blessed to live long enough to see the work of God being manifested through the power of the Holy Ghost. I have not solicited for anything, or praise. I am overwhelmed though, Most of our Church members have moved, or passed away. But there is a number of younger generation that still is around who reminisce how God worked in our lives during our administration in the Lord’s work. The E-Mail I received from You brought back memories from far pass. You was our song leader, Deacon, etc,  And a steadfast believer who still holds on to the truth. True Bro Glenn, God will not change the blessing you are having..
Rev. LeRoy Brugonone
Copy of Glen’s E-Mail
to  Rev LeRoy Brugonone

No attachment to this email, just have been needing to say 'thanks'. Do you know how much I have been blessed for our friendship? Sometimes you know things beyond what I expect, but even if you know I still want to tell you I have and continue to be blessed because of our friendship.
I have already lived longer than I deserve, I am blessed with health that is not attributable to a healthy lifestyle. I have been blessed financially, spiritually and materially. God has blessed me with as much money as I can possibly have without becoming proud. I have been blessed with a wife that loves me with all her heart and she is so perfect for me, it's incredible!
Every time I stop to question 'why' God always reminds me of you. Oh yes, I know it is our Lord and Savior who is blessing me, but I believe with all my heart that I am so blessed because of our friendship. I know that the scripture says that if we receive a prophet in the name of a prophet we will receive a prophets reward. I received you as God's prophet in my life and I am receiving a prophets reward.
Becky and I plan to retire in one year, I will 66 and Becky will be 55, but we are going to retire together. We have been looking for a place to get away from all the traffic and crazy drivers here and have found a little retreat located in Georgia. We both just fell in love when we first seen this place. It's located in a really rural setting about 15 minutes north west of Dublin and about 40 minutes east of Macon. The current owners have really put their heart and hard labor into the place and it really shows. They are young and have decided to move back home to Michigan. We were the first and only people to look at the property and have signed a contract and are scheduled to close November 28. We know God could close the door, but we don't expect that to happen as so many things have happened that leads us to believe He has opened this door. If He should close the door, we would be disappointed, but would know He always knows best and we have prayed for His will be done! I've attached 3 pictures and hope you can see to get an idea of why we are excited. We would not move until October of next year so wouldn't be rushed.
Will write again. I always enjoy hearing from you and share a lot of your emails with family and friends.
Glenn & Becky

A Message For The Prayer Warrior

The devil will try to keep God children from receiving their just rewards. Hold fast, and you will see the glory of God.
That’s also why James wrote: "Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed," (James 5:14-16). There is a time and place for everything.
There are nine gifts of the spirit, One is the gift of healing, along with this gift, discernment is needed to know if God is ready to bring forth a miracle of instant healing, or gradual healing, and the magnitudes of souls saved. Think on these things. more to come on this subject
 There will be many more testimonies coming. Only believe. Send your prayer request to our email Thank you and praise God.  Email  to:     Obrnon@aol.com   


Rev LeRoy Brugonone

Prayer request. Send to.      Obrnon @aol.com